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  • We strive to a circular economy, one that benefits all the actors in the circle, we believe this happens through supporting our cultural heritage, a textile tradition that has last more than 5000 years, but because of globalization and fast fashion, this original cultures were condemned to disappear; 5000 years of tradition that comes not only with amazing knitting techniques, but with outstanding artists and farming practices. Promoting restorative farming practices; With products that are made to last, we are contributing to the growth of clean economies and taking responsibility.



 "When you buy a product from us, it should be something that lasts for years. We believe that a modern business is a one that benefits the economy, society and the environment, the present of fashion is circular, and we cannot wait anymore".


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  • We intend to become a force for positive change beyond Alessandra Petersen workplace. This includes promoting gender equality and fair trade, our main force is feminine Unfortunately there's a long way to change in our "Latin" societies, were women still fight for real equality, by having an income we help women to become independent.

  • Independent economies bring  change for the future generations, for their children,  opportunities for a better education, a better future


                                                                                                                                                                            fotos and video by PER TOMAS KJAERVIK 


  In ALESSANDRA PETERSEN,  we believe in the need of knowing where our clothes come from, and who makes them,  after all this years of perseverance, and hard work, prioritizing Nature is the way we need to continue; our knitters have been with us for years, we are a community that grows and depend on each other to succeed.

Our number one focus is to work for a cleaner planet in order to protect the livelihood of future generations. ALESSANDRA PETERSEN products combine ethical sourcing, sustainability and durability for less environmental impact

 Our main and most important fibre is the Alpaca, which lives and breeds in the Andes in a natural, and free environment. We strive to make this happen, by innovative add to clean technologies to get the finest of products.

 Alpacas  live at 4500 mt. above the sea level, they are a 100% sustainable animal, by using their wool we support  traditional and clean farming practices, passed from generation to generation.

The Organic cotton we use comes from small communities around the coastal of Peru, we support small artesanal farms, and bring native cotton to a new light.





As a nature-loving Ecom Sustainable Clothing Store, everything we source and sell at ALESSANDRA PETERSEN is intended to build a better and healthier life for humanity and the environment. We believe that change is only possible if everyone plays an active role in the choices they make as consumers. Want to transform your way of life and reduce your ecological footprint in a measurable way? Shop now!

We want to encourage our community of shoppers to start and continue a mindful discussion about environmental issues and how we can work together towards global sustainability solutions. Keeping our Earth and its ecosystems healthy is the driving force behind ALESSANDRA PETERSEN.

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